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Education of Yah: Lost Tribe of Israel. The Seminole Are The Tribe of Simon- From Jacob!

Let us begin this sermon with the understanding of Who the Seminole Are. Let us begin with the Leader Osceola

Osceola’s early life is largely unknown. Historians believe he was born in Alabama in 1804 to a Creek mother and a Scottish father. As a child, Osceola went by the name Billy Powell, but later he fully embraced the identity of his adopted tribe, the Seminoles of Florida. Osceola and his mother were one of many Creek families displaced after the Creek War of 1813-1814. They moved from Mississippi Territory to Spanish-held Florida, beginning his transition from Billy Powell to Osceola, Seminole warrior. The Seminoles also welcomed runaway enslaved people from the plantations of Georgia, South Carolina, and later Florida into their tribe, which drew the attention and hostility of American slaveholders and the US Army.

Osceola Name Meaning

Native American (Creek Or Seminole): From An American English Altered Form Of The Muscogee Creek Personal Name Vsse Yvholv (Anglicized As Asi Yahola) Borne By The Prominent Leader Of The Seminole In Florida In The First Half Of The 19th Century (See Yahola ).

Yahola Family History

Yahola Name Meaning Native American (Creek): From An American English Altered Form Of A Shortened Muscogee Creek Personal Name Based On Yvholv Literally ‘Crier’ A Term Denoting A Lesser Chief In Charge Of Rituals. This Title Appeared In Names As A Second Element (See Below).

Meaning of Asi In Hebrew

The unused verb אסה ('asa) correlates to a cognate verb meaning to heal. But an identical root correlates to a cognate verb that means to suffer harm or mischief. A noun that does occur in the Bible is אסון ('ason), mischief or harm. Perhaps they meet in the obvious fact that a doctor is a "man of sorrows."

King Asa was an ancestor of Christ. In Greek his name is spelled Ασα (MATTHEW 1:7 and 1:8).

Meaning of Yahola in Hebrew

Yahology meaning. Yahology (Y' - ologee) n. The study of YAH, the God of ancient Israel the Hebrew people (Psalms 68:4)

Now let's break now the name Yahola:

Yhvh: the proper name of the God of Israel

Meaning of olah in Hebrew: olah: ascent

Original Word: עֹלָה

Part of Speech: Noun Feminine

Transliteration: olah

Phonetic Spelling: (o-law')

Definition: whole burnt offering

Now Let's break down the name Seminole

Seminole (n.)

member of a native people, formerly of Florida, allied with the Creeks, 1763, Semiolilies (plural); 1774, Siminole, from Creek (Muskogean) simano: li, earlier simalo: ni "wild, untamed, runaway," from American Spanish cimarron (see maroon (v.)). They fought wars against U.S. troops 1817-18 and 1835-42, after which they largely were removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

The names highlighted matter in this sermon. In grammar ni means: ni (grammar) Initialism of noun: inanimate. (inanimate means lifeless).

What Does Simalo Mean in Hebrew?

From the verb שלח ( shalah ), to send or let go. Siloam is the name of a pool outside Jerusalem. The evangelist John tells how Jesus sends a man who's been blind from birth to this pool to wash ( John 9:7 and 9:11 ). The man goes and comes back seeing!

The name Simon is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name שמעון (shimon, Strong's #8095). This name is also the name of one of the sons of Jacob.

And she again conceived and she bore a son and she said, "because YHWH heard that I was hated, he gave to me also this one," and she called his name Shimon. (Genesis 29:33)

Simano Meaning In Hebrew

Shimon: a son of Jacob, also his tribe, also an Israelite with a foreign wife

Original Word: שִׁמְעוֹן

Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

Transliteration: Shimon

Phonetic Spelling: (shim-one')

Definition: a son of Jacob, also his tribe, also an Israelite with a foreign wife

As you can see the letter h has been removed from the name shimano, but that is ok because the spelling is how they hide our identities.

Does adding an -o to a name Matter? Does it change the meaning of the name?

-o generally does not change the meaning of the word or name but only makes it more colloquial, as with cheapo and Jacko. It is often appended to clipped or elided forms of longer words, as with ambo and parmo. Occasionally, the terminal consonent of the clipped form is doubled for clarity of meaning or punctuation, as with uggo and doggo. It sometimes does change the meaning of words, usually by being applied to adjectives to indicate a person with a pronounced trait, as with weirdo (“weird person”), or to nouns used metonymously to indicate a person with a pronounced connection to the other object, as with wino (“poor or vagrant alcoholic”).

Especially in American English, some uses of this suffix are understood as dated slang, as with bucko and neato. The suffix is most frequently and widely encountered in Australian English, which has additional uses (such as rego for registration and nasho for national service) that are never or only extremely rarely encountered in other dialects.

Its meaning is very similar to some uses of -y and its use is particularly common where use of -y might cause misunderstanding, as with randy and rando, journey and journo, whiny and wino.

Now that you can see the Seminole are the Lost Tribes of Simon, we must Understand how deep the lies really go.

Who Was Simon in the Bible?

Simeon (son of Jacob) Simeon (Hebrew: שִׁמְעוֹן‎, Modern: Šīmʾōn, Tiberian: Šīmʾōn) was the second of the six sons of Jacob and Leah (Jacob’s second son), and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Simeon, according to the Book of Genesis.

What is a Siman?

A siman is a mark, sign or omen. The root is the verb soom, which means to put or place and so also to mark or distinguish. . The best known simanim in Judaism are the fruits and vegetables eaten on the first night of Rosh Hashanah. (Some eat them on the second night as well.)

It is important to know who we all are. For our Salvation is at hand and to keep denying that there isn't a link to Abba Yah through Adam, Saved by Noah, and Revived by Abraham, then you have no concept of the way the world is now. For we are all one, and that is Mankind!

When you search the Seminoles and Hebrew tribes, you will find so many lies. These lies group everyone together as history has taught you to do. The names matter and you cannot accurately identify someone without knowing the Name!!

Praise be to Abba Yah for showing me this through John Anderson's Song Seminole Wind


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