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Frequencies of Yah: Abraham Teaches How to Sustain During Famine

Ms. Rene and Mr. George have been great hosts and I have been recalling a lot of information as well as learning things. You see I had dripped our pipes in the RV but it still froze from the ground, so we need water and here we are watching the Maze Runner talking about the Corruption of this world.

We need to remind ourselves that Abba Yah has given us everything we need in order to survive. We are to take care of each other so if we all plant gardens, grow herbs and provide for our neighborhoods we can prosper together rather than stumble.

Jubilees 11:13-23

And in this thirty-ninth jubilee, in the second week in the first year, [1870 A.M.] Terah took to himself a wife, and her name was 'Edna, the daughter of 'Abram, the daughter of his father's sister. And in the seventh year of this week [1876 A.M.] she bare him a son, and he called his name Abram, by the name of the father of his mother;for he had died before his daughter had conceived a son.

And the child began to understand the errors of the earth that all went astray after graven images and after uncleanness, and his father taught him writing, and he was two weeks of years old, [1890 A.M.] and he separated himself from his father, that he might not worship idols with him.

And he began to pray to the Creator of all things that He might save him from the errors of the children of men, and that his portion should not fall into error after uncleanness and vileness.

And the seed time came for the sowing of seed upon the land, and they all went forth together to protect their seed against the ravens, and Abram went forth with those that went, and the child was a lad of fourteen years.

And a cloud of ravens came to devour the seed, and Abram ran to meet them before they settled on the ground, and cried to them before they settled on the ground to devour the seed, and said, ' Descend not: return to the place whence ye came,' and they proceeded to turn back.

And he caused the clouds of ravens to turn back that day seventy times, and of all the ravens throughout all the land where Abram was there settled there not so much as one.

And all who were with him throughout all the land saw him cry out, and all the ravens turn back, and his name became great in all the land of the Chaldees.

And there came to him this year all those that wished to sow, and he went with them until the time of sowing ceased: and they sowed their land, and that year they brought enough grain home and eat and were satisfied.

And in the first year of the fifth week [1891 A.M.] Abram taught those who made implements for oxen, the artificers in wood, and they made a vessel above the ground, facing the frame of the plough, in order to put the seed thereon, and the seed fell down therefrom upon the share of the plough, and was hidden in the earth, and they no longer feared the ravens.

And after this manner they made (vessels) above the ground on all the frames of the ploughs, and they sowed and tilled all the land, according as Abram commanded them, and they no longer feared the birds.

Abraham was the one who taught mankind how to sow seeds again. Remember this is after the flood and after Noah dies when the sons of Noah started to war on each other. We are in the War Now too Right. NO Food NO Antibiotics, NO Formula...

So, what do we do about it? We Bring it back to basics. We learn to grow the things we can in the winter.

9 Greens You Can Grow All Winter

  1. Pea greens

  2. Mizuna

  3. Garden Sorrel

  4. Fennel

  5. Mache/Corn Salad

  6. Salad Burnet

  7. Agretti

  8. Land cress

  9. Arugula

Growing winter vegetables is a great way to enjoy fresh vegetables from your garden all year long. Many vegetables such as kale, carrots, parsnips, and broccoli continue to grow in cold weather. There are even some winter vegetables that survive harsh frosts—albeit with some protection. If you plant some vegetables in late summer or fall, you can expect to enjoy plenty of healthy winter crops.

Mache, known as corn salad in America, is a nice, mild-flavored green that grows in tidy bunches. There are two basic varieties – large-seeded and small-seeded. Small-seeded varieties are better suited to cold temperatures.

During this time we need to understand what we and do to sustain ourselves. If that means turning some of your yard into a garden that can produce food for you, then that is what you need to do. Below is a simple example of where you can find greenhouses affordably.

This is the Link To Lowes

Building a greenhouse can and should be a family project. What you need to do is build it together and pray over it for a healthy harvest and for Abba Yah to come into your green house and Bless It with His Mighty Hands. This shows Abba Yah you have Faith In Him and You are Looking for Him to Sustain Your Needs. Also, one must remember to share with the homeless and the poor, as abundance leads to ruin if you do not share the wealth.

Next, we move on with our understanding herbs and how those can be grown 24/7 364 days a year.

Medicinal Alternatives for Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatory Medications

Willow bark is used in China and Europ for back pain and treatment of headaches, bursitis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis and much more.

  • Willow bark, the bark of several varieties of willow tree, has been used for centuries as a pain reliever. The active ingredient in the medicine made from willow bark is called salicin. Some people use willow bark as an alternative to aspirin, particularly those that experience chronic headaches or back pain.

How to use Willow Bark

1-2 teaspoons of Willow bark to make a tea

Fig Leaves For Diabetes

Fig leaves are well know for treating diabetes because of their anti-diabetic properties. Fig Leaves for Diabetes can be very beneficial. Using fig leaf extract will help because a diabetic person will require less insulin. If you are a diabetic you’ll want to consume your extract in the morning at your breakfast meal. It’s easy enough to boil the fig leaves in filtered water and have it as a tea.

They contain anti-diabetic and anti-tumor agents and these aid in lowering cholesterol and blood sugars in your body. In addition, fig leaves decrease fats and triglycerides that are stored in your body.cholesteroland blood sugars in your body. In addition, fig leaves decrease fats and triglycerides that are stored in your body.

Manuka Honey-Kills Flesh Eating Mersa

All Honey is


Kills bacteria

Never Spoils if kept properly. It turns crystalline when it is not safe to use.

Honey has been used for literally thousands of years as not only food but also a medicinal product in many different cultures. Its natural properties make it a great addition to any diet, and actually work wonders in our bodies, from a remedy to a cosmetic product. Honey is the product of the work of bees, which gather the pollen from hundreds of flowers and process it over and over inside their own bodies to produce a highly nutritional, highly energetic product that they use to feed themselves.

Pepper Loves Turmeric Why?

  • Which pepper activates turmeric? The piperine found in black pepper e curcumin absorption, making it more readily available to be used by your body.

Why Is Black Pepper Added To Turmeric?

The Bottom Line. Turmeric and black pepper each have health benefits, due to the compounds curcumin and piperine. As piperine enhances curcumin absorption in the body by up to 2,000%, combining the spices magnifies their effects. They may reduce inflammation and improve digestion, particularly in supplement form.

How much black pepper do I need with turmeric? With just 1/20 teaspoon or more of black pepper, the bioavailability of turmeric is greatly improved, and turmeric’s benefits are further enhanced.

Why Grow Your Own Herbs?

If you do any cooking, you know the importance of fresh ingredients. Sometimes it is easier to reach for a bottle of dried herbs, but they never quite seem to measure up to the fresh stuff. Yes, you can buy fresh herbs in the grocery store, but they tend to be very expensive. Also, are you entirely sure that there were no harmful pesticides used on those that you just bought?

So, why not grow your own?

There are many reasons why you should grow herbs indoors! We’ve already mentioned the price. Next on the list is the weather, and you won’t have to worry about it; your fresh herbs will grow indoors all year round. As for safety, the chances of getting pests inside are lower, so there will be no need to spray any pesticides. When it comes to space, a kitchen windowsill is usually all you need.

We must remember our Morals Laws. These are Found in Leviticus 19

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