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True Word of Yah: Breaking Generational Curses- Exodus 20:4-6

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Exodus 20:4-6

You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting H6485 the iniquity H5771 of the fathers on the children to the third H8029 and fourth H7256 generations of those who hate H8130 Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

Visiting-H6485-פָּקַדpâqad, paw-kad'; a primitive root; to visit (with friendly or hostile intent); by analogy, to oversee, muster, charge, care for, miss, deposit, etc.:—appoint, × at all, avenge, bestow, (appoint to have the, give a) charge, commit, count, deliver to keep, be empty, enjoin, go see, hurt, do judgment, lack, lay up, look, make, × by any means, miss, number, officer, (make) overseer, have (the) oversight, punish, reckon, (call to) remember(-brance), set (over), sum, × surely, visit, want.

Biblical Outline of Usage of H6485

to attend to, muster, number, reckon, visit, punish, appoint, look after, care for (Qal) to pay attention to, observe to attend to to seek, look about for to seek in vain, need, miss, lack to visit to visit upon, punish

to pass in review, muster, number to appoint, assign, lay upon as a charge, deposit (Niphal) to be sought, be needed, be missed, be lacking to be visited to be visited upon to be appointed to be watched over (Piel)

to muster, call up (Pual) to be passed in review, be caused to miss, be called, be called to account

(Hiphil) to set over, make overseer, appoint an overseer to commit, entrust, commit for care, deposit (Hophal) to be visited

to be deposited to be made overseer, be entrusted (Hithpael) numbered

(Hothpael) numbered masculine plural abstract noun

musterings, expenses

Iniquity-H5771-עָוֺןʻâvôn, aw-vone'; or עָווֹן ʻâvôwn; (2 Kings 7:9; Psalm 51:5 [7]), from H5753; perversity, i.e. (moral) evil:—fault, iniquity, mischeif, punishment (of iniquity), sin.

Biblical Outline of usage of H5771

perversity, depravity, iniquity, guilt or punishment of iniquity


guilt of iniquity, guilt (as great), guilt (of condition)

consequence of or punishment for iniquity

Generation of those who Hate-H8130-שָׂנֵאsânêʼ, saw-nay'; a primitive root; to hate (personally):—enemy, foe, (be) hate(-ful, -r), odious, × utterly.

Biblical Outline of Usage of H8130

to hate, be hateful

(Qal) to hate

of man

of God

hater, one hating, enemy (participle) (subst)

(Niphal) to be hated

(Piel) hater (participle)

of persons, nations, God, wisdom

unto the third-H8029-שִׁלֵּשׁshillêsh, shil-laysh'; from H8027; a descendant of the third degree, i.e. great grandchild:—third (generation).

Biblical Outline of Usage of H8029

pertaining to the third, third (generation)

and fourth-H7256-רִבֵּעַribbêaʻ, rib-bay'-ah; from H7251; a descendant of the fourth generation, i.e. great great grandchild:—fourth.

Biblical Outline of Usage of H7256

pertaining to the fourth

The Bible is clear on generational curses. When we have people in our family who do not Know Abba Yah nor care to, this is Iniquity, a sin and it travels down our blood line into our children, our children's children, and so on...

Example of Generational Curse- Alcoholism

As a result of a sinning parent’s severe transgressions against the Lord – sometimes demons will be allowed to attach to the sinning parent.

Once the demons attach to the sinning parent, they will then attempt to try and jump and transfer down to some of the children in the family to form out a curse line.

If this curse line ends up getting formed out – then the demons will follow that child into his adult life and try to get them to commit the same types of sins their sinning parent had been committing.

This is why alcoholic fathers/mothers sometimes produce children that end up becoming alcoholics themselves – all as a result of a curse line that had been formed out between that child and his alcoholic father/mothers – with demons then feeding and operating on that curse line trying to influence the child to go in the same direction his sinning parent had been going in.

  • Say you have a father who is a severe alcoholic. He marries, has several children, but never breaks his addiction to the alcohol during his entire married life.

  • As a result of his addiction, all of his children will be forced to watch all of the negative things that will be going along with it.

  • Many alcoholic men end up abusing both their wives and their children – either verbally, physically, and/or sexually throughout much of their married life. As a result of this kind of severe transgression against the Lord, demons will be allowed to come in and attach themselves to the sinning alcoholic father.

  • The demons will have full legal right to be able to come directly after the father for crossing over into this kind of an extreme realm to begin with if God should so choose to allow this to happen.

  • Once the demons attach and settle in on the sinning, alcoholic father, they will then see which of the children they can try and target. What they will try and do is persuade and influence one or more of the children to become an alcoholic themselves – just like their father was.

What Psychology Says About Alcoholism Running in The Family Genes

Among those abusing alcohol, people who are genetically predisposed to alcoholism have a higher risk of developing an alcohol use disorder. Although people can inherit alcoholic tendencies, the development of an alcohol use disorder is also dependent on social and environmental factors. Some who have inherited genes making them susceptible to alcoholism are responsible drinkers or never take a drink in their life.

"Research shows that genes are responsible for about half of the risk for AUD. Therefore, genes alone do not determine whether someone will develop AUD. Environmental factors, as well as gene and environment interactions account for the remainder of the risk." - National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

There isn’t a single gene responsible for alcoholism. There are hundreds of genes in a person’s DNA that may amplify the risk of developing an alcohol use disorder. Identifying these genes is difficult because each plays a small role in a much larger picture. Yet, studies have shown that certain combinations of genes have a strong relationship to alcoholism.

There are also behavioral genes passed down that could influence a propensity for alcoholism. Mental illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia, are more common in people with a family history of these disorders. People with mental illness have a higher risk of turning to substance abuse as a way of coping. Mental disorders can be hereditary (and environmental), which partially illuminates the complex link between genetics and addiction.

3 Steps for Healing Hereditary Sin

  1. First we must Identify the sins and the curses

  2. We must pray prayers of Identificational repentance asking Abba Yah to forgive those who originally sinned

  3. We must pray asking Abba Yah to release us from these generational curses in order to become free

2 Ways to Identify generational sin and iniquities affecting your Spiritual Walk

  1. Have someone with the gift of discernment pray for you. They can help identify names and generations the sins originated from

  2. Create a Genogram using a check list

  • Place names of ancestors where noted by writing their sins next to their name

  • Identify patterns of sin through generational line

  • Work through previous sections of the genogram by identification and praying: asking for forgiveness and repenting of all known sins in your life

Check List for Genogram

  1. Identify any of the following spiritual problems which occurred:

Occult Activity

An unusual violent or untimely death

Sexual sins


Addictive Behaviors

Repetitive Sin

Possession or Soul Bondage

Destructive or abnormal patterns of Relationships

Historical Family Trauma

Religious History

Young Childhood Trauma

Rejection and Lack of Self Worth

In-utero Wounding:

While in the womb, unborn children may absorb a variety of wounding experiences. In their spirits they may react with defensiveness, resentment, aggression, distrust or withdrawal and grow into adulthood expressing attitudes still lodged in their hearts. This may result from:

  • Conception out of wedlock, conception in anger, rape, incest or adultery, or conception in a drug-dependent relationship

  • Mother had miscarriage or abortion before this conception

  • Threatening illness of mother or fetus, mother anorexic or bulimic (fear of gaining weight)

  • Coming at a wrong time in the parents’ lives (marital difficulties, poverty, inconvenience)

  • Being the “wrong sex”

  • Experiencing intense emotions from the mother (fear, anger, rejection, verbal abuse, etc.) or fighting in the home environment

  • A difficult birthing experience (breech birth, cord wrapped around the neck, unusually painful delivery, caesarean birth, induced labor, baby early or late in coming, etc.)

  • Being put up for adoption or parents who considered adoption

  • Attempted or failed abortion of fetus

  • Death of father or abandonment by one or both parents

2. List Patters of Sin Within The Family Tree



Holding grudges








Exhibiting Cold Love

3. Identify and List Health Problem- Examples





Heart Problems

Mental Illness



Skin Problems

Nervous Break Downs

Respiratory trouble

High Blood Pressure


How to Pray for Healing Generational Curses and Inherited Sin

1. Affirm what Yahusha/Christ did on the cross

2. Reaffirm Baptismal vows

3. Repent of any sins of Idolatry

4. Ask Abba Yah to show you where the original sin began if you don't know

5. Confess sins of ancestors

6. Forgive Original Sinners

7. Extend Forgiveness to original Sinner on Behalf of All

8. Ask Abba Yah to forgive present of Past Fruits of sin- (Health Problems, Addictions...)

9. Intercede for the sinner

10. Ask That they be allowed to com into understanding of Abba Yah

11 Ask for all blood curses to be released

12. Pray for all Children to be Loosed

13. Ask for forgiveness of temptation of the sin

14. Send forgiveness back to past generations

Prayer for Breaking Generational Curses

I proclaim that “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: 'Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree'" (Galatians 3:13).

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now bring the fullness of his cross, death, blood, and sacrifice, his resurrection, life, and empty tomb, his authority, rule, and dominion; I bring judgment from the Lord Jesus Christ against every foul power, witchcraft, black art, and curse. I bring Jesus Christ cursed for me against all curses that have been raised against me—written, spoken, unspoken, or transferred to me. 

[If you know what the exact curses are, it helps to name them. For example, “all curses of death,” or “all curses on my marriage or my health,” etc.]

I bring the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, his blood shed upon the cross, against all blood sacrifices and rituals and their every claim against me. 

I bring Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sacrificed for me, against all ritual sacrifices and their every claim against me. 

I bring the dedication of Jesus Christ for me in death upon the cross against all ritual dedications.

In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through ritual or ritual sacrifice.

In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through transfer by another human being.

In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through words spoken.

In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through occult practices.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare every legal hold and every legal ground of the enemy broken, disarmed, and destroyed. Satan has no hold over me now through curses or occult practices, through sacrifices or any ritual of any kind. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, I am free. Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free. I order these curses and claims utterly disarmed and dismantled now, through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, and in his name.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demonic spirits that have gained access to me through curses and rituals cut off and banished from me and my household, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Jesus, I ask you to send your angels now to completely disarm all curses and black arts from me; disarm their every device and render them destroyed. I ask your angels to remove all foul spirits involved in these curses and black arts and bind them to your feet for judgment.

I now claim every spiritual blessing that my Heavenly Father has given to me in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3). I claim those blessings right here in the very place of all cursing, by the authority and power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in his name. Jesus, may these things be fully accomplished now through your mighty name. I give you thanks and honor and praise. All of this I pray by the authority and in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who came in the flesh. 

Writing prayers in your own words using Abba Yah's Word is what He wants in order to set you free. If you have trouble writing prayers, then the above prayer or others like it is a good place to begin. Abba Yah tells us we are All born into sin; Generational Curses and Hereditary sin is the reason why. We hold the power to break these chains that bind us. All we have to do is turn to Abba Yah and ask Him to Heal our family line.

Biblical Examples of our Ancestors Praying Against Generational Curses

Nehemiah 1:5-11

Ezra and Israel Pray for forgiveness for the sins of their fathers

5 And I said, “O Lord God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments,6 let your ear be attentive and your eyes open, to hear the prayer of your servant that I now pray before you day and night for the people of Israel your servants, confessing the sins of the people of Israel, which we have sinned against you. Even I and my father's house have sinned.7 We have acted very corruptly against you and have not kept the commandments, the statutes, and the rules that you commanded your servant Moses.8 Remember the word that you commanded your servant Moses, saying, ‘If you are unfaithful, I will scatter you among the peoples,9 but if you return to me and keep my commandments and do them, though your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of heaven, from there I will gather them and bring them to the place that I have chosen, to make my name dwell there.’10 They are your servants and your people, whom you have redeemed by your great power and by your strong hand.11 O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name, and give success to your servant today, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.”

Psalm 78:8, Psalm 106:6

David prays that former iniquity will not be remembered and he prays and confesses the sins of his fathers

Jeremiah 3:25, 14:7,20 and 32:18

Jeremiah acknowledges the wickedness and the iniquity of the forefathers of Israel

Daniel 9:1-20

Daniel confesses his sin and the sin of the Kings and People of Israel.

We are told to pray for others. When Job prayed for his friends, Abba Yah gave him twice as much as he had before. (Job 42:10)

We are told to confess our sins to others. By doing so when righteous people pray for us, Abba Yah heals us because the prayer of a righteous person holds great power. (James 5:16)

We have the power to make the changes we need in order to become truly free. All we need to do is understand that The Word of Abba Yah is True an He gives us the Knowledge to Change if we Just Ask Him.

5 Things Happen to Your Brain When You Quit Drinking

1.Regeneration of the Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe of the brain, responsible for many critical functions including reasoning, behavior control, memory, and motor function, takes a heavy hit when you drink in excess.

Years of alcohol abuse can damage this area of the brain extensively, leading to a wide variety of issues including memory loss and the inability to think rationally.

While people in early recovery may still suffer from these symptoms, as well as an inability to process large amounts of information, new cell growth will eventually begin to repair this damage as time passes.

Rational decision making and impulse control are crucial in fighting addiction, and luckily these powerful functions of the brain will return as you begin to heal.

2. Dopamine Levels Begin to Normalize

Alcohol abuse creates a complex imbalance of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine release is triggered when you engage in activities you find pleasurable, such as eating chocolate or playing sports, and it teaches your brain what actions to repeat, and eventually, to crave.

Alcohol use overloads the brain with dopamine, while also reducing the brain’s dopamine receptors in the process. When you first quit drinking, the lack of dopamine and diminished receptors can lead to feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

Both excessively high and abnormally low levels of dopamine can have adverse effects, but over time your brain will begin to normalize dopamine levels as well as your brain’s response to the chemical without the intrusion of alcohol.

3. Motivation Returns

As mentioned above, early recovery might mean struggling with mood and overall mental wellness, but as your body and brain begin to heal, you will experience renewed motivation towards healthy habits in your life.

This means you will be able to take up new activities that boost your mood and stimulate cell growth in the brain, such as daily exercise.

The early days of sobriety can be draining and challenging for anyone recovering from addiction, but a balanced and healthy brain will return, and with it, a sense of heightened motivation towards positive

4. Serotonin Production Increases

While the short-term effect of alcohol may boost serotonin, a chemical that increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing, the long-term repercussions of heavy alcohol use often include a decrease in serotonin production, leading to an increased chance of depression.

Once you quit drinking, serotonin production can eventually return to normal. If you continue to struggle with depressive symptoms during recovery, you may require medication.

By eliminating alcohol from the equation, you can better understand your mental health and determine what it is you need to feel your best.

5. Healthy Activity Returns as You Learn New Skills

For many chronic drinkers, alcohol becomes a crutch to handle many situations and emotions in daily life.  You may have used alcohol to become more outgoing, manage stress, or combat depression.

While alcohol isn’t a cure for any of these problems, it can numb your natural response to life’s circumstances and make it hard to function without it.  While early sobriety can be challenging, for this reason, experiencing life without alcohol means that you must learn new coping mechanisms and social skills.

This is an opportunity for your brain power to grow and evolve as you begin to participate in the same activities as you have before, but while sober.

Depending on how long you have been a heavy drinker, entering recovery may mean you are socializing and emotion-managing sober for the first time.

How to Break a Generational Curse

In-Utero Wounding

Prayer for Breaking Curses

Hereditary Sin Real Sin

Genetics of Alcoholism-

5 Things Happen When You Quit Drinking:

Comprehensive Guide on Alcohol Addiction


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