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True Word of Yah: El Roi Sees Hate!-Thou Shalt NOT Murder!!! Cain & Able.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Exodus 20:13

Thou shalt not kill.

This sermon is going to highlight the age old story of murder and betrayal by brothers. This story is going to be based upon current events and done out of love for Hollywood. My King, My Love, my Mate of Hollywood knew both TuPac and the latest artist to pass due to violence: Young Dolph.

(CNN)Young Dolph, the rapper behind albums like "Rich Slave," died in a fatal shooting in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday at the age of 36, according to Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn "CJ" Davis.

The rapper, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., was reportedly buying cookies at Makeda's Homemade Butter Cookies in Memphis when someone drove up and shot him.

"This shooting is another example of the senseless gun violence we are experiencing locally and nationwide. Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who are affected by this horrific act of violence," Davis said.

My King says that this man was shot in the head.

Head shots are VERY difficult to perform, and many times, unnecessary. Aim at the center of mass, usually the middle of the torso, right where the ribs end. Even Special Ops personnel are trained to do so, as it is easier to do in the heat of the moment.- wikihow

Special Ops Training:

This seven week long course provides training on general sniping topics, marksmanship, urban and rural fieldcraft, technical surveillance equipment, stalking, camouflage, concealment, use of screening, use of natural vegetation, shooting technology, sniper weapon systems, and practical application. Trains students in Level 1 special operations sniper skills and operational procedures that are necessary for them to engage selected targets with precision fire from concealed positions at long ranges and under difficult conditions.

Level II Sniper Courses are run at home-station by the respective Special Forces Groups. Those that excel at the Level II training are sometimes selected for the SFSC.

PDA. Special Forces has always integrated technology to allow the SF snipers to perform to the highest of levels. The PDA has been introduced to improve the capability of the sniper. The PDA helps compute the range, windage, and shooting techniques allowing snipers to hit targets in excess of 800 meters. The PDA, which allows to the storage of gun data, provides for a more accurate shot in a quicker response.

The photographs of the unidentified shooters were shared to Twitter by Jeremy Pierre, a reporter with FOX13 Memphis.

One of the gunmen wields what appears to be an assault-style rifle with a banana clip, while the second suspect is pointing a handgun.

“I have gotten confirmation on the legitimacy of these photos from three separate law enforcement sources showing the gunmen responsible for killing Memphis rapper Young Dolph,” Pierre’s post reads. “In one photo you see the vehicle belonging to Young Dolph.”

How was Able Killed?

Let us look at the Lost Book of Adam and Eve for this information. We pick up in Chapter

CHAP. LXXVIII. verse 18 where left off in the sermon on habitual sin.

To Learn More About Hate and How to Change Your Mind. Literally, we are taught to hate as you see the fallen angel who's name is gadreel and we need to always remember and Rebuke these entities by Name. Abba Yah Has Called Us All By Name and He Rebuked Satan By Name and Its Definitly Not Satan because the Adversary Has To Much Control and Too Much Power And If we Do Not Shine our Lights onto the Darkness and Make gadreel repent...because All Souls are Yah's, even the evil on this earth in the darkest of places.

We must remember Yah goes for the 1 Missing Sheep and Leaves the 99 who are Safe. We Must Love and Learn His Ways. His Morals Values and Ethics Keep People Alive and Prospering.

And Abel said to his father, "Because Cain thrust me from the altar, and would not allow me to offer my gift upon it, I made an altar for myself and offered my gift upon it."

31 But when Adam heard this he was very sorry, because it was the altar he had built at first, and upon which he had offered his own gifts.

32 As to Cain, he was so sullen and so angry that he went into the field, where Satan came to him and said to him, "Since thy brother Abel has taken refuge with thy father Adam, because thou didst thrust him from the altar, they have kissed his face, and they rejoice over him, far more than over thee."

33 When Cain heard these words of Satan, he was filled with rage; and he let no one know. But he was laying wait to kill his brother, until he brought him into the cave, and then said to him:--

34 "O brother, the country is so beautiful, and there are such beautiful and pleasurable trees in it, and charming to look at! But brother, thou hast never been one day in the field to take thy pleasure therein.

35 "To-day, O, my brother, I very much wish thou wouldest

p. 58

come with me into the field, to enjoy thyself and to bless our fields and our flocks, for thou art righteous, and I love thee much, O my brother! but thou hast estranged thyself from me."

36 Then Abel consented to go with his brother Cain into the field.

37 But before going out, Cain said to Abel, "Wait for me, until I fetch a staff, because of wild beasts."

38 Then Abel stood waiting in his innocence. But Cain, the forward, fetched a staff and went out.

39 And they began, Cain and his brother Abel, to walk in the way; Cain talking to him, and comforting him, to make him forget everything.

AND so they went on, until they came to a lonely place, where there were no sheep; then Abel said to Cain, "Behold, my brother, we are weary of walking; for we see none of the trees, nor of the fruits, nor of the verdure, nor of the sheep, nor any one of the things of which thou didst tell me. Where are those sheep of thine thou didst tell me to bless?"

2 Then Cain said to him, "Come on, and presently thou shalt see many beautiful things. but go before me, until I come up to thee."

3 Then went Abel forward, but Cain remained behind him.

4 And Abel was walking in his innocence, without guile; not believing his brother would kill him.

5 Then Cain, when he came up to him, comforted him with his talk, walking a little behind him; then he hastened, and smote him with the staff, blow upon blow, until he was stunned,

6 But when Abel fell down upon the ground, seeing that his brother meant to kill him, he said to Cain, "O, my brother, have pity on me. By the breasts we have sucked, smite me not! By the womb that bare us and that brought us into the world, smite me not unto death with that staff! If thou wilt kill me, take one of these large stones, and kill me outright."

7 Then Cain, the hard-hearted, and cruel murderer, took a large stone, and smote his brother with it upon the head, until his brains oozed out, and he weltered in his blood, before him.

8 And Cain repented not of what he had done.

9 But the earth, when the blood of righteous Abel fell upon it, trembled, as it drank his blood, and would have brought Cain to naught for it.

10 And the blood of Abel cried mysteriously to God, to avenge him of his murderer.

11 Then Cain began at once to dig the earth wherein to lay his brother; for he was trembling from the fear that came upon him, when he saw the earth tremble on his account.

12 He then cast his brother into the pit he made, and covered him with dust. But the earth would not receive him; but it threw him up at once.

13 Again did Cain dig the earth and hid his brother in it; but again did the earth throw him up on itself; until three times did the earth thus throw up on itself the body of Abel.

14 The muddy earth threw him up the first time, because he was not the first creation; and it threw him up the second

p. 59

time and would not receive him, because he was righteous and good, and was killed without a cause; and the earth threw him up the third time and would not receive him, that there might remain before his brother a witness against him.

15 And so did the earth mock Cain, until the Word of God, came to him concerning his brother.

16 Then was God angry, and much displeased at Abel's death; and He thundered from heaven, and lightnings went before Him, and the Word of the Lord God came from heaven to Cain, and said unto him, "Where is Abel thy brother?"

17 Then Cain answered with a proud heart and a gruff voice, "How, O God? am I my brother's keeper?"

18 Then God said unto Cain, "Cursed be the earth that has drunk the blood of Abel thy brother; and thou, be thou trembling and shaking; and this will be a sign unto thee, that whosoever finds thee, shall kill thee."

19 But Cain wept because God had said those words to him; and Cain said unto Him "O God, whosoever finds me shall kill me, and I shall be blotted out from the face of the earth."

20 Then God said unto Cain, "Whosoever shall find thee shall not kill thee;" because before this, God had been saying to Cain, "I shall forego seven punishments on him who kills Cain." For as to the word of God to Cain, "Where is thy brother?" God said it in mercy for him, to try and make him repent.

21 For if Cain had repented at that time, and had said, "O God, forgive me my sin, and the murder of my brother," God would then have forgiven him his sin.

22 And as to God saying to Cain, "Cursed be the ground that has drunk the blood of thy brother" that also, was God's mercy on Cain. For God did not curse him, but He cursed the ground; although it was not the ground that had killed Abel, and had committed iniquity.

23 For it was meet that the curse should fall upon the murderer; yet in mercy did God so manage His thoughts as that no one should know it, and turn away from Cain.

24 And He said to him, "Where is thy brother?" To which he answered and said, "I know not." Then the Creator said to him, "Be trembling and quaking."

25 Then Cain trembled and became terrified; and through this sign did God make him an example before all the creation, as the murderer of his brother. Also did God bring trembling and terror upon him, that he might see the peace in which he was at first, and see also the trembling and terror he endured at the last; so that he might humble himself before God, and repent of his sin, and seek the peace he enjoyed at first.

26 And in the word of God that said, "I will forego seven punishments on whomsoever kills Cain," God was not seeking to kill Cain with the sword, but He sought to make him die of fasting, and praying and weeping by hard rule, until the time that he was delivered from his sin.

27 And the seven punishments are the seven generations during which God awaited Cain for the murder of his brother.

28 But as to Cain, ever since he had killed his brother, he could find no rest in any place; but went back to Adam and Eve, trembling, terrified, and defiled with blood. . . .

Preach- Young Dolph Lyrics

(picked up at this verse as Yah said to)

Mama, she was in the streets, so guess who raised me? (The streets, nigga)

You motherfuckin' right

Couldn't get it from my mama, so I got it off the block

Been workin' my whole life, but I ain't never punched a clock (Trappin')

Nine years old, I seen a nigga get shot, damn

Niggas quick to run they mouth when they get jammed (What?)

Pussy-ass nigga tell it on his own fam (Pussy)

The same nigga that you break your neck for (Yeah)

Be the same nigga that cross you out and wet you up (Ayy)

When was crack introduced in the 80's By Whom?- Institute for Policy Studies

In August 1996, the San Jose Mercury News initiated an extended series of articles linking the CIA’s “contra” army to the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. Based on a year-long investigation, reporter Gary Webb wrote that during the 1980s the CIA helped finance its covert war against Nicaragua’s leftist government through sales of cut-rate cocaine to South Central L.A. drug dealer, Ricky Ross. The series unleashed a storm of protest, spearheaded by black radio stations and the congressional Black Caucus, with demands for , with demands for official inquiries. The Mercury News‘ Web page, with supporting documents and updates, received hundreds of thousands of “hits” a day.-

When people speak the truth they become a target to those who enjoy the darkness. I am a living testimony to that and it is my ordained position to highlight and Preach on this because Murder Must End!!!

Who Taught Murder? The Book of Enoch Tells us this in Chapter 69:3


And the third was named Gadreel: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve, and showed [the weapons of death to the sons of men] the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword for battle, and all the weapons of death to the children of men.

This is the curse we must break my Brothers and Sisters in order for us to become free!

The Oppression Must End This is a Heart and Mind Problem. What is Wrong with All Y'all When God Says we Suppose to be Abundant and Lift Each other then: scream we been Wronged when We Kill each other out of hate for speaking the Truth or out of Greed because someone else is doing better and we to lazy to try ourselves and Trust God . We cut people down and think its ok to play God, but He is definitely Not Happy for El Roi Sees Everything and Judgement has come to All Major Cities who are failing to teach Properly. My Prayer is this Ministry Glorifies God and Shines St. Louis As His Light For WE are The Gate Way to The East (must flip the world folks in everything...)

May The Peace That Passes All Understanding, Abba Yah's Holy Spirit Guide His Children and His Family for the Rest of Their Lives. May His Story Cry Out Unto The World and Inspire Change as it is The Hearts and Minds of Those Who Are The True Oppressors! Oppressors of Truth, Life and Liberty of God's People who suffer by the governments because a Head Shot is a sniper and snipers are hired to shut up people: JFK, Lincoln, MLK, and so on...

People are listening and they don't like it one bit. But Like Young Dolph Said Preach!!! And Shine your Love and Prayers for change in our streets!!! Only Yah Can Cast out this kind of sin and transgression the more we pray the more we save lives.

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