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Welcome to LION's TARES Living in oppressed nations is a very hard thing to do in these times.

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

We may not always know what to do when it comes to our beliefs our values that seem to not be taken seriously by the world. These feelings can overwehlm us as well as devour our souls. We at LION's TARES are setting out to educate those who feel lost, who feel like there are no more answers in this upside down world. We are here to tell you that there is Hope and there is Light.

You are not alone in this journey called life. You have a Creator, in Yahuah Aluahym or as most know Lord God which is not correct because we have been lied to and deceived on All levels of life.

This site is to expose the frads, the tares and teach, change attitudes, reality checks, educate, and change society so that those who are Sealed in Yah can be guided into Salvation. We cannot save you only faith in Yahusha Ha'Mashyach (The Messiah) can do this. However we are called to be a Light unto the World.

We are also called to expose the frauds which is why we plan on holding people, companies and organizations accountable. We will research into the misdeeds and lies as well as work to expose them to the public and to the head of departments of companies as needed. We are not here to ruin lives but to offer a different perspective when it comes to violence, race baiting, hate, greed, corruption and false narrative that people live daily. When society is broken, we cannot function. The first step is with individual change and the second is with corperate, organizational, and secrative parts of society. When we restructure the foundation on the True Word of Yah, things change and become better.

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