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My name is Elisabeth Marie Jackson and I grew up Lutheran and Baptist, but as I aged I was shown that we have been lied to our whole lives. I had the Seed planted within me, but it took 32 years to fully understand The Love of ABBA YAH.

I came from a broken home, one that was abusive at times. I got married at the age of 18 while in High School and had one daughter while pregnant with my second upon graduation. I divorced in 2005 and went through a cycle of abusive relationships. I struggled with mental health issues, I tried to kill myself in 2009 and when I learned my daughters were molested and sodomized in 2010, I nearly went crazy. I was sent into my wilderness in May of 2011-April 2012 where all I had to rely-on was The Lord God Almighty who protected me from myself and from those who wished harm on me. I would return from the wilderness to learn that my daughters were being beaten by their father's girlfriend and that was why he didn't keep his word and let me see them. For the last 10 years I have worked hard to keep my children safe by providing them mental health care. When I was working as a med tech in St.Louis during 2011-2012 I worked with women and men and saw what could become of myself and my daughters if I didn't get us the help they and I needed. I did not want them to end up broken or in the cycle of abuse that I was in.

This Ministry is about How We Can Over Come Oppression, Abuse, Generational Curses by Learning the Truth of Abba Yah.

On June 5th 2016, I Gave my Life to Christ/Yahusha and The Lord God has given my answers to When Will all This Evil End. The Oppression Must End within Ourselves before we can Change the Oppression in this World and that begins with Seeking The Lord God Almighty and Turning To Him. Yahusha/Jesus Our Messiah Is The Door That Leads To Salvation! For God/Yah Sent His Son To Save Sinners, just like me.

Welcome to The Lion's Tears Ministry

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