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Education of Yah- The Answer To Why There Are Pyramids All Over The Earth

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Oh my brothers and sisters has Abba Yah a Revelation for you.

(This is a photo of a photo of a photo of Gleason's Map I colored on. He owns copy writes to map)

We are going to discuss ley lines and how the Star of David is the True energy grid and explains why there are so many pyramids through out the Earth.

Each pyramid in the star contains a major pyramid. Each smaller pyramid contains a smaller pyramid and so on and so forth as pyramids were never burial grounds but energy grids to power free energy all over the world in the time of Noah and Enoch. If you want to believe our ancestors lived 930 years or less as they all did back in the beginning they you also need to understand that Nikola Tesla Knew This Too and that is why nobody used his technology because again that would prove God.

What Are Ley Lines? BBC Wiltshir-Moonraking

"This is a much debated subject but the term 'leyline' was coined in the 1920s by a man called Alfred Watkins. Of course, our ancestors were working withley lines long before the 1920s.

Alfred was a Hereford antiquarian and pioneer photographer. When he was out riding his horse one day, the surrounding landscape suddenly came 'alive' for him. He saw interconnecting lines joining churches, hill forts, wells and other ancient sites.

One of the best ways to discover where ley lines are is to pick out ancient landscape features on a map and join the dots! You can also dowse over a map using a pendulum (see dowsing) to find these lines. This is known as 'ley hunting'. "

This is a map taken off line

It is the same as above, except we learn the earth is flat, and that it cannot rotate around the sun as the sun can Only Rise in East and Set in the West and when you rotate the globe your about to grab, do me a favor and count how many time the earth's east side went into the direction of the sun and at what time of day you did that.

How Fast Does the Earth Spin Around the Sun?

Well Scientific American Says that it spins at 67,000 miles per hour.

67,000 miles per hour As schoolchildren, we learn that the earth is moving about our sun in a very nearly circular orbit. It covers this route at a speed of nearly 30 kilometers per second, or 67,000 miles per hour.

And Again it Does Not Take 24 hours to revolve around the sun. That too is a lie as the earth is flat and stationary.

Now that we know the sun takes its path along the lines of longitude from east to west, the earth is stationary and flat and Doe NOT Rotate or Spin or Revolve Around the Sun. This is because God Made Everything we need. Everything.

The Lines of Longitude also point to ancient sites where they intersect each other. The Lines of Longitude also lay on along the locations of the larger pyramids.

These also prove Jubilees and How Noah Divided the Land and How People Were in the Entire Earth before Christopher in 1492

The Great Pyramid- Ham's Decedents lays at

29.9792° N, 31.1342° E

according to

These were not ancient sun worshipers as they were keepers of Yah's Holy Word. All these locations used the sun the calendar. After Babel Fell and the Earth was Confounded People forgot how to tell time and were off by days and degrees. When people began to learn again information was taken away and man created time, the serpent seed took over.

Teotihuacan Mexico- Ham' s Decedents

19.6861° N, 98.8716° W

Cahokia Mounds Illinois- USA- Japheth's Decedents

38.6551° N, 90.0618° W

Gunung Padang. Indonesia- Ham

6.9928° S, 107.0564° E

Rodriguez- Philippines- Location The Garden of Eden- Shem's Territory

14.7289° N, 121.1441° E

Mount Kailash- Shem's Territory.

Pyramid Trough- Antarctica

78.3500° S, 163.4999° E

This evidence should enough to prove ABBA Yah which gave Nikola Tesla and All Our Ancestors the Knowledge We Need to become self sustaining and to bring HIS Kingdom And Glory Back To Earth.

Also since east and west reflect each other you will find names of cities that are the same. For instance The Mississippi River is loaded with Egyptian names and so does the Grand Canyon bringing me to the Grand Canyon Pyramids,

These are the points on the graph or field of energy for example, as there are many more.

The Pyramid in the Grand Canyon


Cheops Pyramid is a 5,401-foot-elevation (1,646 meter) summit located in the Grand Canyon, in Coconino County of Arizona, USA.[3] This butte is situated four miles north of Grand Canyon Village, 2.5 miles south-southwest of Buddha Temple, and 1.7 mile south-southeast of Isis Temple, which is the nearest higher neighbor. Topographic relief is significant as it rises 3,000 feet (914 meters) above the Colorado River in 1.5 mile. It was named by George Wharton James for the fanciful resemblance to the famous pyramid constructed by Egyptian Pharaoh Cheops.[4] This was in keeping with Clarence Dutton's tradition of naming geographical features in the Grand Canyon after mythological deities.[5] This butte's name was officially adopted in 1906 by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.[3] According to the Köppen climate classification system, Cheops Pyramid is located in a Cold semi-arid climate zone.[6]

When I asked for Coordinates to Cheops Pyramid 3 times and go the result below. So Yes this Proves that we mirror east west and north south. and that there are pyramids for a reason and that reason was and should be still for energy

I also be the real meaning of Cheops is The Great Pyramid

To Yah Be The Glory Great Things He Has Done!!

This is a sermon to what Yah showed me regarding Ancient Runes & the Origins of Alchemy

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