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Reality Check and Society: Agenda 2020: Population Identification for All

Let's just face it, times are changing and the beast systems are in Full Force. The majority of governments want to know your every move, your every purchase and your every phone conversation just in case you have an original thought. Nothing is private anymore and with technology "getting smarter" we who use anything in developed countires have a digital ID.

Maybe you have heard of ID2020 maybe not but I will explain it to you and provide the links to the government sites so you can view their agenda. I will also include a pdf file if you choose to look at it in depth. However the basics is this: The world governments wants to know who is living, how your living, where your living and what your doing. The world governments want All people documented. Yes even the remote areas of Alaska, China, Africa, and South America.

THE CHALLENGE: Over one billion people, including many millions of children, women and refugees, globally lack any form of officially recognized identification. Without an identity, individuals are often invisible—unable to vote, access healthcare, open a bank account, or receive an education—and bear higher risk for trafficking. Without accurate population data, public and private organizations struggle to broadly and accurately deliver the most basic human services. This amount is 1/6th of the population or .166667.

THE RESPONSE: The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership working to address the lack of recognized identity by more than a billion people around the world, in accordance with Target 16.9 of the Sustainable Development Goals. This alliance of governments, NGOs and the private sector will work to ensure that the technology development is informed by the needs of countries and individuals and that policies and standards reflect the latest technological innovations. By coordinating funding for identity and channeling those funds towards high-impact projects, this alliance model enables diverse stakeholders - UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises - to pursue a coordinated approach and creates a pathway for efficient implementation at scale.

ALLIANCE GOALS: 1. Accelerate access to digital identity for those living without identity by financing projects to implement secure, interoperable digital identity solutions; 2. Set standards for a trustworthy decentralized identity framework, facilitating interoperability and creating a healthy market; 3. Enable multi-stakeholder collaboration on digital identity by establishing a neutral governance structure, promoting participation by a diverse ecosystem, and hosting meetings, events, and collaborative discussions.


How do they plan to track people?

Block chain

That’s why a new software tool, unveiled on Monday at the United Nations, is a big deal. It will let millions of refugees and other without documents whip out a phone or other device to quickly show who they are and where they came from.

The tool, developed in part by Microsoft and Accenture, combines biometric data (like a fingerprint or an iris scan) and a new form of record-keeping technology, known as the blockchain, to create a permanent identity.

In practice, this means someone arriving at a border crossing could prove he or she had come from a refugee camp and qualify for aid. Or a displaced person in a new country could use the ID system to call up his or her school records. The tool doesn’t have a name yet since it’s at the prototype stage but will get one soon.


Knowing the plans of satan and how we are being pulled into a system can help us identify areas that participation can be of our own free will. The governments are making it hard to live off the land and lay low, they don't want that and soon the freedoms we take for granted will be no more. They are already making the Amish get on city water and electic in Pennsylvania.

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