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Society: Community Revitialization and Economic Programs

Did you know that there are programs and funds availible for growing businesses and communities?

Where I resided I was seeing signs for Dream Initiative posted around our city limit sign. Not knowing what that meant I Googled it.

The Downtown Revitalization Economic Assistance for Missouri is a new initiative created through a partnership of three development agencies:

  • the Missouri Department of Economic Development,

  • the Missouri Development Finance Board, and

  • the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

D·R·E·A·M Initiative is a comprehensive, streamlined approach to downtown revitalization that provides a one-stop shop of technical and financial assistance for select communities to more efficiently and effectively engage in the downtown revitalization process.

This unique new tool reduces the complexity involved in financing downtown revitalization plans through a coordinated approach.

1. It centralizes several major state incentives.  2. It offers direct access to financial technical assistance at the preliminary proposal stage.  3. It is supported by a team of professionals specifically dedicated to helping the community rebuild its central business district.  4. It substantially shortens the redevelopment timeline.

This link gives information for Kirkville MO:

City of Monett MO:

Monett was designated a DREAM community in November 2010. PGAV, an urban planning, architecture and destination consulting firm, has implemented the Initiative, together with state agencies, Monett City staff, public officials, chamber representatives and Monett Main Street to re-establish a sense of place and cultural heritage in what was once the heart of the Monett.

To date, Monett residents, business owners and visitors have participated in a Web survey and focus groups to examine current views of downtown, as well as priority projects and revitalization efforts. An organization structure review, map reference handbook, financial assistance review, façade renderings and wayfinding reports have been completed. In the coming months, building design guidelines, residential demand analysis, retail market analysis, streetscape revitalization plan, and a strategic plan will be developed. Through the DREAM Initiative, many of our goals have become a reality. For a list of our successes, click here

Other Assistance Programs for funding:

1.)Department of Economic Development

2.)Missouri Housing Development Commission

3.)Missouri Development Finance Board

4.)National Trust for Historic Preservation

5.)Missouri Main Street

Wanting to start a small business? Have you checked into grants ( no loans, grants are something you don't have to pay back)?

1.Minnesota Emerald Ash Borer Community Preparedness

The full title of this grant program? Minnesota Emerald Ash Borer Community Preparedness Forest Protection Reserve Appropriation. Thankfully, its actual use is friendlier: if you’re into pest control or environmental protection, you can score a substantial amount of capital with this grant.

2.Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority & Fund

Although we happen to be listing a lot of Maryland initiatives, many states carry the same or similar programs in their own boundaries as well. In this case, the MEDAAF is an unusually broad small business grant and loan opportunity for Maryland small business owners, so don’t miss it.

3.Kansas Attraction Development Grants

Run by the Tourism Division, this grant program assists small businesses developing new tourist attractions or updating old ones.

4.Arizona Commerce Authority

The Arizona Commerce Authority is a great resource for small business owners in AZ. Check back throughout the year for new competitions and grant options.

5.Farmers’ Market Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

If your small business is health food-oriented, then you might qualify for this support grant. It provides funding for your business to participate in SNAPoutreach and education, which assists low-income individuals, families, and communities with accessing healthy food.

6.Rural Energy for America Program

This grant program, run by the Department of Agriculture, centers on small businesses in eligible rural areas looking to purchase, construct, or install renewable energy systems or energy efficiency improvement technologies. You can partner it with a loan guaranty program as well, and together they’ll back up to 75% of your eligible project costs.

There are many ways one can become a business and set their own hours and become productive. When you are your own boss, you may have the headaches that come with business, but you can get your family involved and create a lasting service to the community while providing income and a legacy to give to your children, or grand children.

Small Business Grants for Women:

Small Business Grants: Where do I find Free Money:

Minority Small Business Grants: (I also despise this term)

Government Grants for Small Businesses:

You have the power to take your life in your own hands. It does take effort to make a change, sometimes blood, sweat and tears. I have been fortunate to run my fathers small business. He has been in service for over 25 years. He originally begang doing he tree service as a weekend job and worked 40 plus hours during the week. As a 3 time kindey transplant patient he saw a dream and set out to acheive it. He has not let any illness set him back. We almost lost him in 2015. Which is what sprang him from working 2 jobs and focusing on his small business.

Now that he is 50 years old he has decided to run the business full time. WE do everything in house using Quickbooks, which is supper simple and easy to set up.

Business licenses are very cheap and last a year, then are reveiwed for up dating.

It is very easy to register for a Fed and State Id which is needed if you plan on paying employees. You will also need a city license to run your company.

Don't let your dreams slip away because of fear. Go out and make the most of them!!

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