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True Word of Yah: Simple Table of Nations- Genesis, Jubilees, Chronicles

This sermon will be simple and short as this will display a simple table of nations Starting With Adam and Ending with Peleg and Jokton as we learned in our Noah's Land Division.

This table needs to be read from left to right starting with Adam.

Where most people get confused when Reading the Table of Nations in your Bibles is the "son of..." it's so repetitive and that was done for a reason.

The sons of each man born from Adam play a role in who we are. As we all come from Adam and saved by Noah's Righteousness we were able to be born. This table again is a simple layout of what Genesis, Jubilees, Chronicles and Luke tell us about our ancestors. I used KJV, 1611 KJV and Jubilees with vetting Luke who included Kainam as he had an edition of from 60 AD that Included Kainam in the genealogy. (Read about that more True Word of Yah & Reality: How Did Idolatry, Evil, Sin Survive If The Flood Meant to Wipe It Out)

These tables are in the format as follows:

Adam= Father of All Mankind

Sons= Cain, Able, Seth

From there we learn about Adam's Grandsons born from Cain and Seth. The yellow indicates the end of information, or the end of one who no longer bears children. As always daughters are Excluded from Any Table of Nations.

For example: Able Died... The Yellow for Able should be continuous as it is, but sense Lemech (4th Great Grandson of Adam had children, I needed the space to insert his sons where they needed to go.

I broke it down by Grandson, Great Grandson, Great Great Grandson and so on of Adam so you can tell who belongs to whom and how they actually relate to Adam. Also this chart outlines that Cain, Cainan, Canaan, Tubal- Cain, Kainam (Luke 3, and Jubilees) are all Completely different Persons as you see in the tables below. Therefore we Must Stop inserting Names of Persons where they Do Not Belong.

The table of Nations This way was how Abba Yah told me to display. I ran out of Room for each Great... as you see Great (4) means Great, Great, Great, Great... and so on and so forth.

This Table Repeats some of the Above Information as taking a Screen Shot does Not allow me to collect all in one view of the screen in Excel.

Our table of nations gives us the understanding that: Noah appears in Genesis 5:29 as the son of Lamech and ninth in descent from Adam.

To get to this answer you count from the sons of Adam until you reach Noah and that equals 9 in our chart which goes with the Genealogy Described in Genesis, Jubilees, Luke, and Chronicles.

A Lesson on Age and who was alive when will be coming soon. Many people do not understand that Adam lived a very long life or that Noah and his son Shem were alive teaching Abraham and his sons.

As Abba Yah has me continue with our Education a Complete Table of Nations up to Yahusha will be provided.


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