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Education of Yah: Our Family: What Really Happened? The Fall- Part 2 Continued

We will be learning from The First Book of Adam and Eve. In Part 1 continued we learned the history of The First Book of Adam and Eve.

This sermon is going to pick up in Chapter 6 when we are told what happened in the garden.

Free Will in Psychology means:

Free will is the idea that we are able to have some choice in how we act and assumes that we are free to choose our behavior, in other words we are self determined. ... This does not mean that behavior is random, but we are free from the causal influences of past events.

The Question you should be asking is Why Is God Mad? What really happened?

As we can clearly see it was listening to the voice of Gadreel, the Only fallen angle at this time, who has a name and takes on all kinds of forms to tempt Adam and Eve and all of us Everyday of our lives. God Himself said until He Returns or Until We See Him Again, we will always have to Over Come This World.

The First Book of Adam and Eve talks about suicide and how they wished death upon themselves. These are things people struggle with to this day. These thoughts if you chose to read the book will address how Adam and Eve felt shame for their sins, but continued to sin and lament and finally seemed to understand one day that:

  1. Gadreel, the ruler of this world the way it is now has no authority over those who are in Faith and Obedience to Yah's Word.

  2. Gadreel will take any form to get you to come to "The Dark Side". He even admits this. Another sermon coming soon.

  3. (Gadreel and Satan are not the same. Mastema is satan...)

  4. God Loves them so much He saves them so many times...has anyone ever said that about you? or someone you know who seems to be saved despite what they do? (That is because they are blind to a much higher calling in their lives or they know about it and run from it.)

As you read each instance in The First Book of Adam and Eve, events and trials Adam and Eve Faced. We will be using Jubilees for a time line as that seems more accurate and has been proven to be in each series we do. I mention this because there are dates and other numbers in the story that when put with Jubilees matches and where it doesn't.

In Chapter 8 we learn Abba Yah is reminding Adam of free will and how He Knew they would listen to the voice of gadreel/serpent. Adam and Eve have yet to repent of their sins or make an offering. Right now, they are blaming God and as you can tell Abba Yah is defending Himself...

He tells us Everything, and at times we just do what we want any way. Then we blame Abba Yah for not telling us... But He did and we just Chose to do whatever going against His Will.

Even the First Book of Adam and Eve states Eve didn't have gadreel/an angels baby/.

We do know angels came into women, but this angel and this woman did not engage in sexual intercourse.

Abba Yah knows who will lay aside Free Will and Follow Him and His Will for Our Lives. We can choose to live under the Law of Sin and Death which is the evils of this world or we can Live Under the Law of the Spirit of Life Which is Yah's Word and Live.

Once Adam and Eve understood this, life changed for them. It definitely didn't get better during trials and tribulations but their out look on Yah changed and that is the Whole Point.

You will learn that there is serpent seed doctrine and you need to use discernment. Remember, there are no coincidences in life. If you learned this story from another book, please let me know. The stories of our creation matter because the more people can see that we are 1 and that is Mankind, we can stop killing each other much sooner rather than later.

Also in our next sermon we will discuss The Battle In Heaven and How Gadreel Fell. Also recorded in The Apocalypse of Yahusha...better known as Book of Revelation and in Enoch for that battle between Michael and Gadreel where gad was thrown down...

Even the First Book of Adam and Eve states Eve didn't have gadreel/an angels baby/.

We do know angels came into women, but this angel and this woman did not engage in sexual intercourse.

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